Our Story

Committed to providing a unique service

Chandu Tailor & Son were established in 1993 to provide a unique funeral service for Hindu’s and Sikh’s in the UK.

We combine our experience, expertise and knowledge of religious beliefs to ensure that the final religious rites according to Hindu and Sikh beliefs are observed, whilst operating within the UK laws and regulations. In addition to helping individual families through their time of grief we also promote awareness of the requirements of Hindus and Sikhs to the funeral community at large.

Our Team

We always provide a caring, respectful and dignified service for your loved one. Over the years we have built a strong team all of whom are experienced in assisting in all matters relating to a funeral.

Our Music

We have teamed up with Bhavik Haria, Shri Gadhvi and many other talented artists to produce our own renditions of 21 bhajans traditionally used at funerals. These bhajans have been updated to include a modern twist while maintaining the original lyrics and are currently only available at funerals conducted by us.

Annual Bhajans

Since 1996, we have been holding ‘Remembrance Bhajans’ during the Hindu holy month of Shradh. Each year we invite and welcome all our previous clients to join us in remembering all those who we have lost.

Giving Back

There are many ways we give back to the community including the sponsorship of various community events and teams. Sadly for some of our clients, even a simple funeral is unaffordable therefore any donations we receive are kept for families who are struggling to provide a funeral for their loved ones.

Our Fleet

As a result of our reputation and loyal client base, over the last 10 years we have been able to update our fleet to the latest Mercedes Funeral vehicles. The continuous support of our clients will allow us to continue to update our fleet of private ambulances, hearses and limousines. 

Our History

Chandu Tailor and Son has always been a family run business, with honesty about the funeral profession at the forefront of our funeral service


Founded by Chandu and Hansa Tailor to provide the need of a funeral service for the Hindu & Sikh community


Established our head office in New Southgate under the name of Indian Funeral Service


Our Chapel of Rest at Chani House was presented with a Murti of Shiva by the House of Davda


We joined The National Society of Allied and Independent Funeral Directors (SAIF)


Jay Tailor joined the business adding the second generation, only one of its kind in the UK


On our 10th anniversary; we changed our name to Chandu Tailor & Son to reflect the family run nature of our business


Won the community service award from The National Society of Allied and Independent Funeral Directors (SAIF)


We joined The National Association of Funeral Directors (NAFD)


Celebrated our 25th anniversary