Our company’s funeral service consists of two distinct parts: Our Services and The Disbursements

Most of our experience is with Hindu and Sikh faith funerals, as our family background is Hinduism and we also have a very close relationship with the Sikh community. Our understanding of each faith allows us to combine the religious and cultural  aspects of the final funeral rites with the UK Cremation & Burial Laws. 

Our Services

  • Transport by private ambulance from the hospital or house to our Chapel of Rest
  • Preparation of the deceased including hygienic treatment, ritual washing and dressing
  • Arranging all paperwork and documentation required for the Cremation
  • A choice of coffins (We would be happy to provide photographs to decide or arrange for you to view them at Chani House) 
  • Provision of a Funeral Director on the day of the funeral
  • Hearse on the day of the funeral for the transportation of the deceased
  • Limousines for the transport of up to 7 people (per limousine) on the day of the funeral
  • Burial
  • Service items required for performing the ‘last rites’ of the Hindu religion
  • Collection and storage of ashes*

*Storage of Ashes in our Chapel of Rest is FREE for 6 months and then a charge of £10 per month will be incurred. The dispersal of them is the responsibility of the family.

Additional Services Available

  • Arranging for a Priest (Maharaj) of all faiths to perform religious ceremonies
  • Additional service time at home or the crematorium (extra fees applicable)
  • Webcasting facilities
  • Hire of additional limousines (each will carry 7 passengers)
  • Saturday and Sunday funerals conducted (surcharges apply)
  • Horse drawn hearses (Black or White)
  • Releasing of Doves in memory of the deceased
  • Repatriation: door-to-door worldwide

The Disbursements

These include the charges paid by us on your behalf:

  • Cremation 4 & 5 Certificates by doctors
  • Crematorium fees
  • Cemetery fees (for burials)